Spit Roast Fun Pt5
Handsome, young Will Helm looks like he's no match for big, burly Nathan Price, but this young whipper snapper punches way above his weight, and fucks the breath out of Nathan, filling him, stretching him, with uncut French cock until Nathan is begging him to stop. But Will just keep on pumping his hairy hole until he's unloading all over Nathan's grimacing face.
Bedroom 3 Some Pt1
Couch Cock Pt4
Glasgow meets Chicago, cut meets uncut, top meets, well, top actually, but Alan was up for a challenge and who would say no to a pounding by Ricky Sinz? You can smell the testosterone as these two muscled, masculine guys go at each other like a couple of bulls fighting it out. It's a blur of sweat and tattoos as they tumble into the fucking, then a series of grunts and growls as Alan takes Ricky's hard cock deep in his hairy hole.
Jenny & Jane Pt6
Jenny & Jane Pt7
When guys tell me they cum a lot, I pull back a little so I don't miss anything by being too close, but I wasn't prepared for the massive assault from Andy's cum-cannon and though I was a good four feet away I got drenched when stream after stream came at me. Andy's the prize bull at the fair; massively built all over and sporting a permanent hard-on, he'd fuck all day if he could - and he'd still be shooting big loads
Dungeon Slave Pt3
Playing With Double Dee Pt2
A big, beefy, bisexual bruiser, Tommy's day job is one of the toughest I can imagine and not what you'd call gay friendly, so he keeps his private life to himself and gets together with a group of like-minded buddies now and then. He reminds us that life outside the capital is very different to what we're used to, but also there are more ways of getting dick than we imagine. Tommy certainly grabs all he can when he gets the chance and any guy taking him on will feel the full force of a hungry, horny bloke.
Dungeon SLave Pt1
Mickie Collins Solo (Extended Preview), Update: May 19, 2014
Spit Roast Fun Pt4
Two hairy buddy bears, Hank Lawton and Christian Matthews, are tossing a beach ball around in the pool when a friendly wager is made... whoever drops the ball, gets fucked. Before the game even starts, Hank already knows who's going to win. Not him! Hank rewards the champion with a poolside blowjob before offering up his furry ass for a firm pounding by Christian's rock-hard, throbbing cock. Christian isn't shy about making his pleasure known by grunting and shouting loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.
Tranny Orgy Pt2
Spit Roast Fun Pt1
Ben Statham, is on the massage table, as Uncle John gives him an overly intimate massage. The older guys hands linger on Ben's stiffening dick and spread his hard arse cheeks, and when he can stand it no loner, Uncle John burys his face and tongue deep in Ben's hole. The masseur then bangs his hard dick into the lad and takes his massage to another level, internal. But our favorite 'bottom' boy Ben has a surprise in store for dear Uncle Ben....
Lounge Lust Pt2
Drake enjoys a quiet afternoon snack at home and it quickly turns into an afternoon delight when Matt, his favorite muscle daddy bear, stops by for a tasty treat. Both of these mouthwatering studs are super hairy and bulging with hard muscles and big rigid cocks. It doesn't take long and these buff buddies are chowing down on each other's rock hard dicks. Matt then makes a meal out of Drake's delicious ass. With Drake's ass lubed-up with his spit, Matt bends him over the kitchen counter and slides his cock into the hilt. But Matt wants his hairy ass filled with cock too and Drake is happy to oblige.
Bedroom 3 Some Pt4
Huge Cock Fuck Pt2
One of the hottest fucks I've shot, we were lucky to have two cameras on this one as Ben just couldn’t hold back the floodgates as Malik opened him up good and proper and smashed his tender, hot fuck hole into battered pieces, before hosing him down with hot, hot cum.
Donkey Dick Pt2
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